Garage Storage Lift Special Offer

Putting To Use the Space Above Your Garage Door

Are you tired of needing to get a ladder out every time you wish to retrieve a stored item from your garage? How much simpler could it be to just turn a switch and the stored item is lowered to you!
  • 30” of space above your garage door = 32 sq.ft. of storage space
  • Utilize wasted storage space above your garage door
  • Access stored items without the danger of climbing a ladder.
  • Reduce clutter and make garage storage easy and accessible
Imagine the convenience of having all your stored items available to you at the turn of a switch. With weight capabilities to 500 lbs. and a 32 sq. ft. storage basket you can store most anything you have in your garage. Lawn furniture cushions, games/toys, pool equipment, and many more items.  Unique Lift Testimonial